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Compress or in other words to minify JS files. Compressing or minifying JavaScript files is an optimization technique useful for getting much smaller files with much shorter loading time.

Compressed or minified JS files have a size of up to 80% of their original size.The benefit of using this tool is safe JavaScript processing and stability, which will guarantee the functionalities of original files without issues. It’s well tested and frequently used.

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JS compression benefits

Here are the listed benefits which will help you to understand why JS compression is required.

  • Compressed JS file has much faster loading
  • Faster JS execution time
  • Removed are all unnecessary comments and whitespaces, also line breaks, and block delimiters
  • Smaller JS files data transfer between server and user
  • A little bit better SEO score


Last update: 12th June 2022

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"Thankfully I've found the right JS compression tool!"
Frank Howard

"No more dysfunctionalities after compression, I like it."
Federico Castellano

"It's cool, it is pointing at JavaScript errors too, very useful."
Peter Mitchell